METALTECNICA is born from the decennial experience of its founder, Tranzi Bruno.
The company expands so much that it becomes an important reality within the industrial district of Civita Castellana.

Over the years the company goes from a small one-man business to a dinamic corporation.

At the beginning of 2004 the new headquarter of the company is inaugurated. It is more equipped and wider than the previous one, where the productivity is always at the maximum level.

Our company works intensively to comply with the customers’ demands: first and second phase turbine mixers, casting benches, agitators for varnish, blungers, dust shield spraying booths and dedusting booths, belt conveyors, tanks of every size, flocculation and liquid-containing tanks.

Every kind of emergency in the ceramic factories is faced and solved with the highest efficiency, also thanks to the intervention squad exclusively composed of qualified workers.

Every detail is taken care of , every demand is satisfied.

Today METALTECNICA satisfies its customers’ demands, even the more peculiar ones and it does it in the best possibile way


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