Automatic machine for contemporaneous multiple casting

Automatic machine for contemporaneous multiple casting
E.V.O Model

This Machine has been designed for the production of W.C. and Bidet in low pressure by using ordinary plaster moulds. Thanks to its feature of flexibility in production and simpleness of manufacture and use, it can be considered as unique of its kind.

The basic module is composed by 4 moulds which may be combined with others alike so as to compose multiple rows of 4 moulds, either in line or counter-placed in front or behind each other. Each module is mechanically independent from another one, therefore it is possible to set separate work cycles different in terms of time and types of moulds mounted on. One of the main advantage is that all moulds’ movement phases have been mechanized making the moulds rotate from 0 to 360° during work cycle, so as to allow operators to get an endless range of combinations of angles for casting, emptying, hardening and demoulding of the pieces.

Moulds’ opening and closing phases are completely automatic with non need of manual operations or clamps’ insertion or else.
Casting system is completely automated in terms of phases and times which can be programmed on a panel run by a PCL. On each single mould are there pneumatically controlled valves which assure the correct flowing of the slip.

At the end of casting, the pieces will be placed, either contemporaneously or each module at the time 4 by 4 (depending on the production exigencies), onto a conveyer belt.

Drying of the moulds is particularly efficient because this machine allows a large opening between sides, foot and piston so as to facilitate the passage of dry air all over all the surfaces.

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