Grinding for ceramic

Grinding for ceramic
Machine to smooth basins or ceramic moulds with a working field of 1800 mm on the X-axis and 800 mm on the Y-axis (that can be adjusted according to the customer’s demand) with a minimum height of 200 mm and a maximum height according to the customer’s needs. The machine moves along cemented and ground guides installed externally on the Y-axis to avoid any formation of dirt and rust and closed by means of bellows on the X-axis (cemented sliding wheels with an off-centre axis for the recovery of clearances). The RMCV2 is highly resistant to vibrations thanks to the machine head that moves along four-cemented axis having a diameter of 50 mm (making much easier the task of the person responsible for the machine)
Inverters control the engines that start the movements, so that to guarantee speed changes. The engine that drives the RMCV2 can get up to 7000 revolutions without any torque loss.
The grinding is completely lined of stainless steel AISI 304 with a part-holder surface that can be frontally pulled out and with pneumatic-opening doors with a pedal control.The lower part shows a double lining in stainless steel and inside a noise-absorbing material. All this avoids any wear.

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